HR administrator cover letter sample

HR administrator cover letter sample

This post is a cover letter sample for HR administrator and other useful information such as: cover letter tips, cover letter mistakes, Cover letter requirements etc

You should focus on: HR administrator job description, HR administrator job standard, HR administrator kpi, HR administrator kra, education and knowledge, HR administrator experience, HR administrator skills and abilities.

Of course, you also pay attentions to nature of HR jobs: recruitment and selection, training and development, employee relations, compensation and benefits, health and safety, HRIS, HR planning..


This is free sample cover letter. You can customize it for your need. Or you can leave your point of views at the end of this post.

The cover letter can include sample contents as follows:

1. Your basic information:

• Name
• Address
• City
• State
• Zip Code
• Phone
• Email

2. Date of cover letter:

3. Employer contact information

• Name
• Title
• Company
• Address
• City
• State
• Zip Code

4. Ref: HR administrator position:…………. on date of …………….

5. Salutation

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name (or division name…) and job position (if any)

6. First Paragraph

The first paragraph of your cover letter should can include:

• What is position that you are applying for?
• Where you found the job listing?


• My friend, Tisu Pa , currently working in the marketing department, she recommended that I should call you about the HR administrator vacancy currently available in your organization. I like this opportunity very much and I want to become good staff in your company based on my education and prior experience.

• I was referred to you by Ms. Jenny Ho, a Production assistant with your company, who informed me that the position of HR administrator is currently available.

7. Middle Paragraph(s)

In this section, you should explain what you have to offer the employer about position: HR administrator .

Note that you should try to create connections between their job standard and your education, skills, abilities, experience….

These paragraphs can include elements below:

a> Knowledge of HR administrator

You can supply information about name, information brief, time, level of each degree…

• Degrees.
• Certificates related to this job.
• Licenses.

b>Experience: you can show some key duties that match with job requirements, for example:

List key 3-7 duties/tasks here.

c> Skills

You can should differ 3 types of skills below:

• Professional/technical skills.
• Soft skills.
• Management skills.

d> Abilities

8. Final Paragraph

You should thank the recruiter for considering you for the position. You should include information on how you will follow-up.

9. Complimentary Close
Respectfully yours,

10. Signature

Handwritten Signature (for a mailed letter)
Typed Signature


Depend organization, these are many job titles related as follows:

• HR administrator
• HR analyst
• HR advisor
• HR benefits partner
• HR benefits manager
• HR business analyst
• HR compliance manager
• HR data analyst
• HR operations manager
• HR project manager
• HR secretary
• HR support
• HR systems administrator
• HR systems manager
• HR services manager
• HR training manager
• HR talent manager
• HR team leader
• HR training coordinator
• HR relationship manager
• HR receptionist
• HR executive
• HR coordinator
• HR officer
• HR assistant
• HR director
• HR manager

You can save as this HR administrator cover letter form/template as pdf/word file. Update: 2011.


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